Cooper Park Farmers Market

Tattfoo Tan. Nature Mature System Placemat. Courtesy the artist.

On Sunday, July 14, With Food in Mind launches The Fruity Pop Workshop. Join us at the Cooper Park farmers market in East Williamsburg, Brooklyn. This new pop-up class teaches children how to make healthy sodas with fruit from their local farmers market. Children participate free of charge.


Commercial sodas and fruit juices containing high-fructose corn syrup and other additives play a significant role in the US childhood obesity epidemic. Taking the age-old lemonade stand as inspiration, we encourage children to establish soda stands in their neighborhoods, becoming artisans, entrepreneurs, and changemakers in the process. We believe that children who possess the skills to make their own beverages can lead healthier lives and positively influence the health of their families, friends, and neighbors.


The Fruity Pop Workshop roams New York City, popping up at farmers markets and public spaces in low- and moderate-income areas, injecting a space for creative play and learning. Children and parents are invited to join a team of artists, educators, and other volunteers for five to ten minutes of hands-on fun between the hours of 11am and 2pm. This program was created in collaboration with Down to Earth Markets and artist Tattfoo Tan.


Photo: Tattfoo Tan, Nature Matching System Placemat. Courtesy the artist.