Still Life iPhoneography


Art meets technology in this three-hour workshop for iPhone-owning food lovers. Students will style and shoot still life compositions and learn the tricks to creating delicious photographs.


Every minute someone somewhere is using his or her smartphone to snap and share a picture of food. Be it colorful piles of farmers’ market produce or a beautifully plated dish, we all know that the beauty before us is not always what the camera portrays. Food is notoriously difficult to photograph.


Food and lifestyle photographer Valery Rizzo will teach students how to create a balanced arrangement of fresh produce; the importance of shapes and textures; the role of lighting and the cornerstones of a good setting; and the tricks to achieve certain looks via Hipstatmatic, Instagram, Camera+, and other iPhone apps. Students will leave not only knowing how to take a good food photograph with their everyday handheld device but how to create great works of art.


Students are required to bring their own iPhones with Instagram (free), Hipstamatic ($1.99) with Foodie Snap pak (.99¢) and Camera+ (.99¢) already loaded. Snapseed, VSCO CAM and ShakeItPhoto are suggested but not required. Instructor will also cover Squareready. Basic knowledge of your iPhone and its camera are expected. In addition to their phones, students should bring any props from home that they’d like to include in their compositions; objects with interesting shapes and textures encouraged. A notebook and pen are also suggested. All other materials will be provided.