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With Food in Mind is a nomadic social enterprise that produces projects at the intersection of food, visual culture, and social change. Because food is relevant to every living person, we believe that it is uniquely capable of engaging many different audiences in learning about the arts. We work with a wide range of creative types—including visual and performing artists, architects, musicians, writers, chefs, cooks, farmers, and foragers—to create grade school curricula, adult workshops, exhibitions, publications, and events.


With Food in Mind was founded by Nicole J. Caruth, who has over the past 15 years worked as an arts administrator, art writer and critic, curator, community chef, and fitness instructor. With Food in Mind affirms her ongoing commitment to art, food, and health education. Caruth writes regularly about the intersection of art and food for the PBS-affiliated blog Art21. Phaidon Press, ARTnews, C Magazine, Gastronomica, and Public Art Review have also published her writing. Read her complete bio.

Who We Are
  • Youth Program

    Artists in the Kitchen is a not-for-profit afterschool program that fosters learning and appreciation of the arts through the lens of food. With Food in Mind partners with organizations in New York and beyond to bring this program to marginalized or underserved communities. We teach youth aged 6-16 about palettes and palates at a crucial time in their lives: when their tastes are still developing. Students gain knowledge of art history and artistic disciplines; understanding of different cultures and cuisines; basic cooking skills and nutrition fundamentals; and awareness of how and where food is produced.

    Each course in this program is unique to its teachers, a practicing artist and a food professional, who create curricula collaboratively in our residency program. By bringing together teachers from a range of different disciplines and cultural backgrounds, Artists in the Kitchen provides students with a dynamic, multisensory learning experience. Teachers encourage them to look at art in new ways; view themselves as artists in a range of different contexts; make good food choices; and forge deeper connections to their communities through cultivation, cooking and eating.


    With Food in Mind’s residency program is tied to the youth program Artists in the Kitchen. Youth are taught by our residents, a practicing artist and a food professional, who develop curricula collaboratively during a four-week paid residency. With Food in Mind works with them to merge their individual ways of thinking and creating into dynamic lesson plans.

    Residencies are offered by invitation. There is no formal application process. Letters of interest are reviewed on a rolling basis. To be considered for the program, please email a one-page letter and resume to info [at] withfoodinmind [dot] org. Residents are selected based on the quality of their work, demonstrated interest in arts and/or food education, and their abilities as communicators and facilitators. We actively seek residents from a range of different disciplines and cultural backgrounds.


  • Adult Programs

    With Food in Mind was founded on the belief that food is uniquely capable of engaging many different audiences, from childhood to adulthood, in learning about the arts. Our adult programs are designed to do just that: present people with opportunities to learn about art and food together or by way of one another. We currently offer in-person classes at 3rd Ward in Brooklyn and online classes via Skillshare. Sometimes, we pair instructors from different disciplines and ask them to teach collaboratively. At other times, we hire one instructor whose knowledge spans two or more disciplines. Either way, our adult classes are dynamic, informative, and lots of fun. Recent classes include:  Read more →


    With Food in Mind’s core program, Artists in the Kitchen, aims to serve youth aged 6–16 living locally, nationally, and abroad. We can only do this with your support. Your cash donation will help us offer free and low-cost educational experiences to children of color, from low-income families, and/or underserved communities. By making a contribution, you are helping us to enrich the lives of children wherever our program may travel. Artists in the Kitchen is a sponsored project of Fractured Atlas, a nonprofit arts service organization. Contributions for the purposes of Artists in the Kitchen must be made payable to Fractured Atlas and are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law. Donate here.

    You can also help us meet our goals (and reduce our budget) by providing in-kind and tangible donations, such as pro bono professional services, free access to meeting facilities, and art and cooking supplies. Our Amazon Wish List shows some of the materials we currently need. Please email info[at]withfoodinmind[dot]org if you require a receipt for your physical contribution. Thank you for supporting us.

What we do
Why We Do It

With Food in Mind’s core program, Artists in the Kitchen, reflects many of the organization’s values and inspirations.

Artists in the Kitchen is motivated first and foremost by rising rates of childhood obesity. In the United States, nearly one in three children are overweight or obese. The numbers are even higher in low-income areas and in communities of color. Nearly 40% of the children in African American and Hispanic communities are overweight or obese, placing them at greater risk for heart disease, cancer, and diabetes. Artists in the Kitchen was created with the belief that increased food education is necessary to combat these statistics.

Also affecting young people’s well-being is the scarcity of arts education programs. National data repeatedly suggests that the child groups most afflicted by obesity are the ones who also suffer disproportionally from cuts to K–12 public school arts education. Years of research show that arts education is closely linked to social and emotional development, academic achievement, civic engagement, and equitable opportunity. By engaging youth in our dynamic art and food program, we are cultivating future generations of art enthusiasts and healthier eaters, too.

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Who We Love
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What's Coming Up
  • Playing With Your Food


    We’re excited to announce our new partnership with Skillshare, the startup company that’s making education more accessible! To kick things off, we’re offering our first online class Food Photography: Playing with Your Food via Skillshare’s “hybrid” platform. 

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  • Grow a Salad in Your Apartment

    Winter 2012/13

    Eating well on a budget can prove challenging in New York City. Food prices are rising faster than local rents. Two steps that urban dwellers can take toward reducing their expenses are to grow and cook some of their own food.

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  • Still Life iPhoneography


    Art meets technology in this three-hour workshop for iPhone-owning food lovers. Students will style and shoot still life compositions and learn the tricks to creating delicious photographs.

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  • Let’s Eat In


    With Food in Mind’s director and founder will be a guest on the Heritage Radio show ”Let’s Eat In.” Tune in at 1pm EST to learn more about our upcoming classes and projects!  

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  • Arugula! Arugula!


    With Food in Mind launched with Arugula! Arugula! drop-in art and food workshop for children and families. Artist Jenna Spevack and community chef Melissa Danielle took children on an exploration of arugula from soil to stomach.

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